Best Aquariums in America – Georgia Aquarium


The United States of America has a wonderful wildlife. For preservation and conservation of the animals and natural life there are number of habitats to encourage them to thrive. Several protect areas have been defined and worked upon. In terms of the sea life there are several aquariums that feature on the list of best aquariums in the country, one such example is the Georgia Aquarium. It is notable that its vision is to be most engaging aquarium experience worldwide.

Best Aquariums in America Georgia Aquarium

As the name suggests Georgia Aquarium is in Georgia Atlanta. It has approximately 10 million US gallons of fresh and marine water that supports its 100,000 animals. Interestingly when it opened in 2005, it had the distinction of being the largest in the World. This magical aquarium is home to over 500 species including sharks, whales, dolphins and rays.

Georgia_AquariumThe founding president and ex-executive director of the aquarium Jeff Swanagan played a huge role in coming up with this massive tourist attraction. A trip through this wondrous place highlights each of its exhibits well. The design is amongst the best in the world and is able to entertain, educate and inspire the visitors for sure. The whale shark here can be viewed from the theatre and was imported from Taiwan. Great hammerhead sharks are the other crowd pullers here along with the five beluga whales.

Nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and wildlife watchers all visit America and its many attractions. People from within the country as well as overseas visit places of their interest every year. Those traveling from foreign locations usually need to obtain a valid tourist visa for legally entering US. There are select countries whose citizens don’t need a visa. These fall under the Visa Waiver Program and can temporarily visit by applying for ESTA visa authorization.

Number of interactive programs are organized here including the Cold Water Quest, Kids Corner, 4D Theater, Journey with Gentle Giants, Ocean Voyager, Dolphin Tales Show, Tropical Diver, Behind the Scenes Tour, River Scout and the Georgia Explorer. The Learning Loop is the gallery space for educating students and visitors. This occupies pretty much one fourth of the entire place. The aquarium makes an offbeat choice for hosting weddings, events and other special events. Birthday parties are organized here which includes tickets along with diverse themes like Shark, Mermaid, Pirate, and Dolphin for the kids. The cafe serves a meal for the invitees with pizza/ hot dog, fountain drink, goldfish crackers etc. There parties take place behind the scenes and are not for general public to participate in. Otherwise too the Cafe serves salads, grilled items, pizzas, soups, pastas, deli, beverages, snacks and deserts. The gift shop here has array of collectible, apparel, books and art pieces. It even offers an online shop.


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